Hey there friend, I'm Bogdan.

I'm a Front-End Developer, Gamer, Car Enthusiast


Let me tell you a little about myself, I was always fascinated with technology ever since I was a child. I wanted to build or deconstruct things all the time. It all changed when I got my first Android smartphone. I was amazed by the things that people were doing with the software, changing the UI completely, or creating different applications or games. That inspired me to dive into this beautiful world and eventually creating my own version of Android.

Being on some design forums I started to create avatars and signatures for users in Photoshop. Then I eventually started with modifying Wordpress themes, I was creating banners and icons in Photoshop and modifying a lot of PHP and CSS back then.

I learned a lot when I created my biggest project, which was my Electric Lego Car with an IR Webcam and proximity scanners that you could control with an Xbox 360 controller and you'd need an Android smartphone to run the application that provides the webcam feed from the car. This was very new to me because not only I had to do a lot of things related to software, but to hardware as well since I used a small single-board computer named Raspberry Pi 2 and a microcontroller Arduino Mega. It was my first time actually writing code and learning a bit of Python. Finishing this project meant a lot to me because a lot of people said that it was a bit too much and that I might not be able to finish it on time.

When I got my first job as an MQA Website Tester, I became interested in languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Java again or frameworks like Bootstrap and React. I also finished a Web Designer Course (I've even got a certification) and an AQA Tester training.

Bottom line: I always like to learn new things, my focus being to hopefully become a full-stack developer some day.



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I can't wait! Bye!

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